Bio Peter Hagdahl

Peter Hagdahl is since the early 1990’s one of Sweden’s most acclaimed artists working with new media. He was Professor of Art and New Media at The Royal College of Art, Stockholm 1999-2009 and a research fellow at the Department of Computer and Systems sciences at the University of Stockholm.

His work has been exhibited widely in Scandinavia and internationally and is included in several important collections, such as Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Hagdahl’s art grows out of an interactive process that involves dialogue and collaboration with such diverse fields as cultural theory, informatics, urbanism and science. These encounters have also extended the framework for distributing and showing the work to include not only the gallery and the museum, but also extensive public commissions and platforms such as net-art forums, workshops, live events and live streaming over a variety of networks.

Influence, change and transformation are key concepts in Hagdahl’s work. The apparently stable is transformed into the ephemeral and the volatile, thus questioning this very dichotomy.

His works are often critical comments on, or investigations of, the new social reality that information technology creates. A common theme is the construction of various systems reflecting the complex weave of connections and dependences out of which contemporary society is constructed.

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