Liquids, Conflicts and Influences at the Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm

The exhibition consists of several newly produced and site-specific works. Central to the exhibition is the question of how different forces affect society, the world around us and our lives. The exhibition is a visual examination of the fields of tension that we all find ourselves in that bring together painting, drawing, interactive sculpture and moving images into a spatial whole. The works can be described as a poetic flowchart that maps out different processes, connections and contradictions that mix political, physical, biological and personal reflections that show the connections, conflicts and paradoxes that we are constantly exposed to. The works arise through a multilayered layer of drawings, images, symbols, moving images and generated information flows from the internet (Twitter, Google News and more). The static images, symbols and signs shown in the paintings and drawings meet the movements of the video projections, which means that the artworks are in constant change.

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